LIMINAL Repoussé: The shaping of a pivotal & timely exhibit Part 1

Between the artist and their work...


Artists respond to the theme, LIMINAL...

"Muscogee utilizes self-portraiture with motion to modulate against a fixed self and against the very nature of photography, which is a type of consciousness that has a fixed point of view, a frame that represents a dominant perspective. The objective is to override that fixed view by creating a liminal, in-between space, where the viewer can see, not only the subject of the photo, but for a moment, when the perspective is destabilized, they can also see themselves, allowing them to feel what the subject is feeling. By utilizing this liminal space I can pull the viewer forward, (through recognition and interpretation), into expanded possibility, so that they can know what they didn’t know before, and shift the limitations of constructed cultural ideals or historical bias, towards a new perspective and empathy."

Donna Garcia

"LIMINAL is the word that came to mind when I considered the past year into now. A time of uncertainty, anxiety, the in-between, and also, of possibility. Transition." Debra Disman

"Neither here nor there just reassuringly "BESIDE"..." Roelna Bashew

Liminal, the theme, is a reflection on our present time situation of transition within the boundaries of the unknown. It is a calling for truth and courage to express individual and social concerns through art forms."

Maria Botti Villegas

"My work is organized in two distinct categories that either show the imbalance within our local and global ecologies or serve as possible solutions for living resourcefully. My large-scale sculptures and installations offer my viewers a space to reflect on our hazardous environmental situation. I hope that my passion for making, my love for the earth, and my delight in observing the world around me in combination with my work will encourage people to join me in reconsidering our daily routines."

Danielle O'Malley

"As a species endemic only to California, the Yellow-billed Magpie very tangibly represents the dramatic ways in which our world could change during our lifetime. It is a symbol of the impact of climate change. It is an example of how often, response is short-lived until impact hits close to home."

Dallas Frederick

"My paintings imagine liminal spaces in the landscape for problem-solving and adaptation as women navigate change, trauma, and agency within turbulent, shifting environments." Danielle Muzina

"The horizon is our point of reference in the landscape. We determine scale and distance from it. It is the liminal edge where the sky touches the earth. It provides the base line for perspective drawings and gives the eye its bearings." Kip Harris

"For me, liminal is very much related to human connection and that ephemeral space between pain and joy." Allison Hudson

"These images were taken in shallow water along the river's edge, the interesting transition from water to land, between the Conscious and Unconscious mind. As the patterns of light become abstract, we can no longer recognize familiar structures and forms. Here intuition and creativity arise, and there are new possibilities." Robert Bergstrom

"The work stands in a liminal space between living and virtual dimension. Breaking the boundaries between two makes the captured narratives in the work connected to the one from the actual realm."

Hyunhee Doh

흔적 on wall