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The Eternal Crown 

Richard Cutshall

22" x 30"

Works by artists...
Richard Cutshall & Jennifer Gillia Cutshall

Coffee & Coversation

May 23rd



Richard Cutshall works in multiple mediums and is driven to create work that is described as both visionary and elemental. He is a painter, a sculptor, and a printmaker. He has had numerous solo exhibitions as well as group shows.

Jennifer Gillia Cutshall works primarily with acrylic paint, pen and ink, and mixed media and has been in numerous solo and group exhibitions.  She is also an accomplished mural painter who has amassed over 300 public art and private commissions.



The couple will also show a small sampling of their collaborative pieces. They bring their love for organic form and their love for the process together in these pieces.​  In their works on paper the couple reveals a vision unlike either of their individual works.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Jennifer Gillia Cutshall

41" x 68"

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