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"This year's edition of A Generous Kingdom is a bountiful feast for the eyes. It serves as a reminder that generosity is an extension, a form of reaching (if you will), and the ability to go beyond expectation. Many of the selected works describe stories and metaphors that extend toward something; whether through the reaching out of arms, rays of light from screens, the reach of tree limbs, and stairwells that ascend to the unknown. The environment looms large with towering trees, the magnetism of the moon, or windchimes of seeds (which translated is a song that plays the future)! The realms portrayed describe the fabric of our culture, technology, and the vastness of our accumulations. These thoughtful works put us in a moment of caring and consideration of our place in the world.  How will we thrive in this new frontier and what components, algorithms, and hieroglyphics will it take to truly comprehend the massive impact of our footprint? As always, I am drawn to questions and process, more than answers and controlled outcomes and this Generous Kingdom is riddled with inquiry, diverse materials, and unpredictable outcomes...enjoy!"

Jennifer Gillia Cutshall, Curator

A Generous Kingdom 8:
Art that explores symbolism, story, and beyond 

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