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Ron Mills Pinyas

Artist Statement

"I believe in the cathartic, even redemptive power of art and beauty—even terrible beauty, insofar as it has the ability to still mental chatter and ground the artist and the viewer.  To me, the redemptive power of art is most evident when the mind reaches its end point, when prior experience has no correlate in the present and yet one is able to register a mark on a surface, a response to the stillness and sometimes turbulence of the intersection of time and mind.I court images that are not previously known or named, in passages that hint at luminous sand serendipity.  I want to make the work a new thing in the world without referent; an image that is not “about" in any senseources often behind "the thicket” of confusion, unresolved flux but instead is transcendent while paradoxically and emphatically present; a new aspect of the natural world infused with the human hand, eye and mind.  I conceive of the artist as a disrupter (of the stiffness of spirit that our habitual ways of thinking and perceiving makes us) but also as a healer and a magician of perception. While the analytic mind taxonomically divides and names, through painting I seek to put things back together again."

5 questions for 5 artists:

  • What inspires you most? 

Liminal consciousness, between dream and wakefulness, lucero and alba (last star of the night and first light of the day); the fluidity and slide of paint under my brush; the unexpected becoming manifest; the kindness in her eyes after the tempest has past...

  • What recently made you smile?

Subtle changes in the complexion of my lover.

  • What was the most powerful work of art you recall viewing?

Bonnard’s many portraits of his wife Marthe; all of Monet water paintings; Lucien Freud’s surfaces; the pink skin; Picasso’s violent portraits

  • If you could have coffee or tea with one artist ...who would you pick?


  • Coffee or tea?


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