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ABRAZO: Embracing an ocean

Verum’s newest exhibit, ABRAZO (meaning embrace) embraces a bigger scope of the entire Verum-sphere!

It holds so much expression and is officially the biggest Verum exhibit to date with 143 artists and 148 works of art in one show!

This exhibit momentarily eternalizes the beauty of nature, while also expressing some of the flaws and the habitual patterns that stalk the human condition. ABRAZO rises and falls in waves to hit a flurry of energy and vibration from its maximalist saturation. ABRAZO demonstrates that the immense things (like oceans) are not for holding too tightly, but rather for awe, appreciation, and a little pandemonium, too! Perhaps it’s the big, complex things that have the ability to transform perspectives with their unfathomable enormity and depth.

I give you ABRAZO, may you embrace the waves and float on with VERUM!

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