New Call for ART: 

STRATA: Manifesting through the layers

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The newest Verum theme, STRATA refers to layers. The layers can be inferred as literal (in the material usage or striated appearance) or symbolic (as in layers of meaning and complexity). How is layering expressed through your work? Does your work reflect the layered aspects of our pandemic impacted world? Does your work represent the complexity of current world traumas & socioeconomic striations? Or perhaps layering is an aspect of your process to achieve expression & beauty? As with all Verum's calls for art, the curator never seeks to drive the work, the hope is to unveil unique visions. All mediums and modes of expression are welcome. The term Strata may be interpreted in many ways, not necessarily meant to be a literal elucidation. Verum Ultimum Gallery tasks artists to define “STRATA” for this first edition of this exhibition.

Verum Ultimum Art Gallery invites artists to explore the theme, STRATA and enter work that is any interpretation of the call. Please note this exhibition will be ONLINE ONLY.


Deadline has passed/jury is in progress

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