Verum Ultimum Gallery has engaged audiences of artists and collectors since its founding in Northeast Portland in 2013.


The brainchild of artist Jennifer Gillia Cutshall, Verum Ultimum (meaning the ultimate truth) showcases work that demonstrates the deepest connection to the creative process.  

Verum Ultimum sets itself apart from Portland's many other fine galleries by presenting juried works from an international pool of artists for each exhibit, and each exhibit explores a different theme specifically intended to spark the artists' most intuitive urges.

To date,Verum Ultimum has exhibited the work of 1,113 artists.


"See something you love?
Connect with me...and let's share this enthusiasm for the finer things. When you develop a connection with art, it's the conversation that never ends."

          Jennifer Gillia Cutshall

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"There is neither painting, nor sculpture, nor music, nor poetry. The only truth is creation."



Umberto Boccioni 

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