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5 by 5 PDX 

5 Artists, 5 works each...

25 amazing works by Portland's most inspired artists

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Portland is saturated with artists. If you spill your latte, chances are an artist might slip on the puddle. Consequently, it would seem a tall order to select a mere 5 artists from the horde of talent that permeates PDX, but when I had the idea for this exhibit I instantly knew which artists I would ask.  


Despite their diverse approaches, the 5 artists I chose have one thing in common, their work creates a conversation with the viewer and it can feel like a discovery or revelation to them.  In addition to easily creating that elusive connection with the art fan, each artist also brings a playful quality to their work. This freshness begs the viewer to fall in love with the work, and I did...


Richard Cutshall is  a visionary artist that pierces the veil whenever he picks up a pencil or a brush.   The content of his work can be fully charged, but the subtlety of his expert hand makes it savory and digestable.  He works the materials until they break down and meld into each other...the resulting work is born anew. I like to refer to him as an artists' artist. It's no surprise that his work attracts a cult-like following.


Beth Kerschen sees place like no other.  Her multi plate photographic etchings capture the essence of neighborhoods and cities in a way that feels fresh and somehow nostalgic at the same time. Even though the work is cutting edge, it maintains a timeless charm that appeals to our desire to look at the past.  She also uses materials in a unique way...her mastery of technique is so seamless that we are free to get lost in the work!  World travelers will be able to enjoy her work on an epic scale as she currently works on a commission for the Portland Airport.


Ron Mills-Pinyas' work is so evolved and so fully realized... it is like a force of nature. Illuminated layers of rich color evoke the elemental qualities of fire, water, and minerals, while the subtle details within the layers spark the idea of an underlying narrative or mythology. Discovering imagery within his highly stratified abstracts is second nature. Viewers are so drawn in by his work that it has amassed global appeall.  


Sara Swink's quirky ceramic sculptures are to love!  Her work flirts with the viewer engaging attention from all. Through humor Sara toys with (and tackles) provocative symbols and stories betraying her immense depth of vision. She is a PDX powerhouse gaining attention from some of our most beloved establishments...she is currently working on a commmission at New Season's Market.


Scott Erwert paints our city melodic with his brush. He captures mood and lighting in his abstracted scapes like the most revered masters.  He instills iconic imagery with the singularity of an instant and we identify the place while we feel the power of the moment. Scott is also an accomplished graphic designer and is one of only a handful of artists licensed by Lucasfilm to create original artwork for Star Wars events.

Richard Cutshall
Ron Mills-Pinyas
Beth Kerschen 
Scott Erwert
Sara Swink
Jennifer Gillia Cutshall
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