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Scott Erwert


"I paint to find my way in the world — to give a personal account of life that hopefully reaches the viewer and creates some kind of connection. As an eternal student of those artists who came before, I am inspired by the modern masters: Cezanne, Picasso, Derain, and many more. My goal is to use those modern aesthetics as a starting point while respectfully developing and evolving my own personal point of view which goes beyond my inspirations—and to speak personally and truthfully."



As a current member of North Coast Seed Studios, Scott Erwert works and exhibits all along the West Coast, including: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; Star Wars Celebration Fan Conventions; Portland Comic Con; Gallery One Embarcadero, San Francisco; Oakland Museum of California. His work draws on a blend of classic education and personal innovation. He paints for individual clients/collectors, exhibits in solo and group shows, and donates time and work to various fundraisers and non-profit art events.

He was acting Art Director of Marketing for Lucasfilm during the release of Star Wars Episode II, Attack of the Clones. Today, Scott is one of only 50 artists in the world licensed by Lucasfilm to create  original works to be printed in limited edition and sold at Star Wars Celebration fan conventions.

5 questions for 5 artists:


  • What inspires you most? It depends on the mood I'm in. Music, human nature, mother nature, whiskey      

  • What recently made you smile? An episode of Tim and Eric Awesome Show   

  • What was the most powerful work of art you recall viewing? I sat in front of Demoiselles d'Avignon at the MOMA in New York for an hour. Very powerful stuff going on there.     

  • If you could have coffee or tea with one artist ...who would you pick? If I'd have to pick just one, I think I'd enjoy a sit down with Paul Cezanne. 


  • Coffee or tea?    Always coffee

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