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Richard Cutshall

Excerpt from Artist Statement


“Through my work I feel connected to a community of art makers; from ancient cultures to my contemporary counterparts. My compulsion to create pushes me across mediums and materials while challenging me to examine the boundaries set by my own aesthetic concerns.

Technically, it is important to me that the quick reflexive nature of my methods be evident in the work, both in its construction and appearance.

I invite viewers into the shadows that haunt my psyche and hope that the mythos created through my work makes a lasting connection.”


5 questions for 5 artists:


  • What inspires you most? 


  • What recently made you smile?

A halloween inspired red devil baby animatronic toy

  • What was the most powerful work of art you recall viewing?

Les Demoiselles d'Avignon at the MOMA

  • If you could have coffee or tea with one artist ...who would you pick?

Pablo Picasso

  • Coffee or tea?        

Coffee (with cream and sugar)    

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