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STRATA: Manifesting Through the Layers

An International Juried exhibition of 55 artists & 56 unique works of art

Depth by Robert Mullenix

Artists were tasked with exploring the idea of layering (either through the layers of symbolism in their work; as in layers of meaning and complexity, or in their material usage, or by the striated appearance of the work). And artists (from around the globe) delivered generously on this variegated promise with works made up of unusual materials, works created through inventive processes, and works with the symbolic striations to temper the psyche.

Wave Painting by Shannon Tallcouch

Slots and layers by Bill Saltzstein

The word strata may conjure images of dry land, eroding earth, yet the evolution of this exhibition revealed something unexpected...


Water is always with us; it is layered into our lives every day. Afterall, our bodies are comprised of 60% water and this mirrors the earth (being 71% water). Water acts as the hand that sculpts and wears away the surface of the rock, smoothing sharp edges, and turning it to sediment and sand.

Water sustains life, it is the strata of life, and it flows like a river stitching a cool hue through this spectacular exhibition.

Inhabiting by Preeti Schaden

I invite you to discover the layers that these 55 artists imbibed into STRATA...

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