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Call for ART: "Scratching the Surface "

Photo courtesy of artist, Beth Kerschen

Verum Ultimum Art Gallery is thrilled to invite artists to explore the theme, "Scratching the Surface." Last year The Pull of the Print was a huge success and we wanted to expand the call to multiple mediums while still attracting printmaking and drawing. All 2D and 3D mediums are welcome and works can be abstract, symbolic, realistic, representational, minimalist, or contemporary. We look forward to the chance to see your interpretation of the call. We don't seek to drive the work, but rather hope to discover unique voice. Verum Ultimum Gallery invites artists to showcase their talent within this expressive theme, Scratching the Surface, so dig in! “The medium is the message,” said philosopher, Marshall McLuhan

Deadline is May 1, 2017

Exhibition will open in Summer of 2017

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