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UPDATED Calls for Art 2017 Looking Forward

I have updated this post to reflect adjustments to exhibition schedule and calls for art. Please make note of the changes ...

And thanks for looking... without your gaze,talent, and vision Verum Ultimum would be empty!

I field queries about our upcoming calls for art nearly every day, so I wanted to share what's ahead at Verum Ultimum Art Gallery to help prospective artists plan...

Current & Upcoming Verum Ultimum Happenings:

Our next exhibition will be:

MUGSHOTS: An Off the Wall Exhibition celebrating Ceramics and the Portrait (exhibition to open March 25 2017)

Our Current Call for ART is for our:

Calls to come:

  • SCRATCHING THE SURFACE: This call combines the Pull of the Print with the Draw of the Drawing and the world of works on paper and beyond...and the call for art will post in May 2017 and exhibition will open in June of 2017

  • 2nd Annual FLESH Exhibition:Revealing a Passion for Paint, call will post in June (2017) and exhibition will open in July of 2017

  • TRIBUTARY Exhibition (potential for August 2017)

  • 4th Annual ABSTRACT CATALYST Exhibition call will post in July/August 2017 and exhibition will open in September 2017

  • 2nd Annual Chasing Ghosts Exhibition, call will post in September 2017 and exhibition will open in October 2017

  • 2nd Annual A generous Kingdom, call will post in October 2017 and exhibition will open in November/December 2017

Verum Ultimum Art Gallery reserves the right to alter and adjust dates and timelines as needed.

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