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Status Update: Verum Ultimum adapts...

The gallery is in flux and currently navigating around obstacles that have temporarily blocked its course. In addition to the dramatic impact of the pandemic the gallery flooded directly before COVID 19. A cleanup effort was employed and I am deeply grateful for the tireless help from our neighbors at Kiss Coffee PDX. Unfortunately, damage was more extensive than initially reported and major remediation is underway. This is an arduous process and is causing further delays. The unveiling of this year's edition of the coveted Abstract Sanctuary Exhibit (now in its seventh year) is postponed until mid June.

This has been a tough waiting game because I have always considered art as the essential part (or mark) of a healthy community and during difficult periods it occupies an even more vital role for me (both for inspiration and for comfort). I frequently turn to the imagery from the 7th Abstract Sanctuary (currently in virtual form). And the stunning work by Hazel Glass helps serve as a metaphor for the current circumstance. Her hand-cut paper piece "Echoes after the Flood" promises a reverberation of hope after so many obstacles. Verum Ultimum will embrace this chance to move like water... finding the best way forward.

My quote from the exhibition book... "In this seventh year of Abstract Sanctuary, a visual melody marks moments that extend beyond beauty or distraction.  The exhibition proves its namesake again and provides a sense of sanctuary from the heaviness that has engulfed our existence.  In this way, there has never been a more apt time for this show. The notes of texture, shadow, color, and light serve to wash over all witnesses like a rain shower in the desert.

Currently, the boxes containing the 7th Annual Abstract Sanctuary art treasures are safe in storage ...waiting like birds poised to strike along the shoreline of a raging river.

Again, the installation is now slated for mid June (for the reasons detailed above). All good things are worth the wait and this exhibition is worthy of that and much more! And the show will be slightly abridged due to sales of several works. The work in this exhibition is currently for sale (and Verum ships worldwide), so please contact me with purchase inquiries. I extend a deep well of gratitude for your steady gaze and consistent support particularly during these tough times.

I can be reached:

  • by hitting the chat icon on your screen

  • or by email

  • or call or text 347-752-8915

  • through social media messaging

In the meantime, I encourage you to continue to embrace an artful life. Many galleries are open by appointment...additionally galleries, museums, musicians, and theater companies are also offering virtual options and entertainment (please see a brief listing below).

VIRTUAL OFFERINGS FOR YOUR ARTFUL MIND (first 2 are shamelessly Verum Ultimum and the rest are verum ultimum in theory):



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