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Verum Ultimum Gallery tasks artists to define “Liminal” for this first edition of this exhibition. JURY IN PROGRESS

Verum Ultimum Art Gallery invites artists to explore the theme, LIMINAL and enter work that is any interpretation of the call. Please note this exhibition will be a virtual exhibition and ONLINE ONLY.

Liminal is the space between. What significance does transition (or the “space between“) have in your work or your artistic voice? Does your work reflect the liminal aspects of our pandemic-impacted world and the adaptation to a post pandemic existence? Does your work represent and or challenge the threshold to a more equitable society? Or, perhaps it reflects a vehicle for expression through pure abstraction.

As with all Verum Ultimum's calls for art, the curator never seeks to drive the work, the only hope is to unveil unique visions. All mediums and modes of expression are welcome from low brow, pop surrealism, realism, abstraction, and more. The term Liminal may be interpreted in many ways, and is not necessarily meant to be a literal elucidation.

Liminal is defined as

  1. relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process.

  2. occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.

One could argue that artists are conditioned to occupy the liminal state. And a successful studio is a space in flux, poised for adaptation (to projects, challenges, and materials). The focus of the artist is the creative process or the place between the 2 boundaries of "the beginning" and "the outcome or result."

A gallery benefits from maintaining that liminal state, too (adaptation is a constant). Verum Ultimum is celebrating it's eighth year and this exhibition serves to herald the artists unique vision...especially during these challenging times!


Benefits of online exhibitions at Verum Ultimum:

  • A higher percentage of artists will be ACCEPTED! This exhibition is not confined by space.

  • The website remains comprehensive and exhibitions remain on the website beyond the exhibition dates

  • An exhibition book will be produced and will remain in the Verum Ultimum library to be shared with visitors for years to come.

  • Social media attention will be focused on this exhibition for 5 weeks.

  • 100% of sales WILL GO TO THE ARTIST! Artists will handle their sales directly (if selected artists prefer that Verum handle sales for them..the agreement would revert back to the normal gallery split).

  • Verum Ultimum enjoys a monthly reach of 8-14K through its website, google, and social media channels.

  • Verum Ultimum average order value outperforms 93% of sites in the industry

Deadline has passed



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