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Liminal II

First reveal is today!

Touch Orange by Ron Conrad

This years' LIMINAL reads like a poem punctuated by ethereal strands from nature and the static interruptions of technology!

Additionally, elements and reminders of all verum themes seem to shroud this volume with a hauntingly reflective sense of the in-between.

In between seasons,

Braced by Earl Grenville Killeen

in between cycles of life and death,

in between joy and sadness,

in between hope and despair...

in between departure and arrival...

Untitled by Yuchen Wang

The waiting...

In Limbo by Linda Lewis

the floating through time!

A Leap of Faith by Bonita Bielski

This 'in between' or liminal state is illuminated by the 44 selected artists.

WiBit by Norman Gabitzsch

They collectively capture an eerie sense of solitude constructed by the present cultural climate!

2-Ply: The Sh!t Show that was 2020 by Nikyra Capson

Metrovolution: Winter by Steve Bennett

This blogpost is a mere sampling of the vast universe of work that awaits in the new LIMINAL II exhibition.

The exhibition features 44 artists and 47 distinct works of art.

Today is the first reveal and you can find all 47 works on the LIMINAL II webpage on the Verum Ultimum website...

And there's much more to come...


In the coming week the virtual galleries will reveal Liminal II within Verum's 3D virtual spaces! You will have the chance to see the works in a gallery setting and in scale.

SHOP DROP And the LIMINAL II shop drop is also on the horizon (a chance to view and purchase from the exhibition in the Verum online marketplace)!


CLICK THE GREEN BAR ABOVE for your exclusive preview of all 47 works


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