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Chasing Ghosts VII: Art that Pierces the Veil through remembrance, legacy, and beyond

"A show of hands for these artists! This collection stirs a splendid soup; a cauldron of hope and fear that is so bittersweet we might trade our final breath just to taste it. May these 57 unique works of art be the wolf that howls and haunts your psyche!"

Jennifer Gillia Cutshall

What Is Seen, Only in the Dark (The Wolf) by Danielle Foster

A show of hands ...

Today is the reveal for Verum's Ultimum's 7th edition of Chasing Ghosts a great way to welcome the season! To preview all 57 works click the red bar below:

May I have this dance?

To be transported to Verum's Virtual Gallery space where you can view all 57 works of art in scale, click the red bar below:

The Way Things Really Are by Britt Block

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