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ABRAZO: Embracing the Abstracts

Last week I posted Verum's newest and largest exhibition to date. The ABRAZO exhibit features 143 artists and 148 works of art in one exhibition and within one virtual gallery space, WOW! Link to that first blogpost is at the very bottom of this post (in case you missed it).

In the coming months I will be highlighting and embracing specific aspects of this immense exhibit. I will be posting smaller vignettes (or groupings) of works in additional virtual galleries.

Summer Song by Amy Williams

Our first focused grouping from the ABRAZO exhibit is "Embracing the Abstracts" and it features 53 abstract works from ABRAZO in an additional Verum Virtual Gallery. Click the blue button below to see the abstract works in scale in a unique, separate virtual gallery:

If you missed that first blogpost please visit the link below to embrace the enormity:


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