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A Generous Kingdom 6: Art that explores symbolism, story, and beyond

A Generous Kingdom 6 promises a vast dreamscape with an exhibition that is grounded in nature and striking figurative elements, while leaving space for the wildly absurd.

This year's edition of Verum's annual A Generous Kingdom mirrors the complexity of our time. Works from 46 artists herald bold, playful patterns that contrast with subtle, more naturalistic works. A dynamic resurgence unfolds with this abundance and variety (in approach, media, and interpretation of the theme). The collection echoes a moment of tension between restriction and boundless expansion. After 2 years of mounting social restrictions there is a new desire to let loose! This exhibition is the exaltation, it's the cartwheel for our psyche, and the timing is impeccable!

Maria Botti Villegas
Saltimbanquis by Maria Botti Villegas

Paintings, woodcuts, etchings, linoleum prints, sculptures, ceramic sculptures, fiber-arts, digital art, and photography...await your gaze!

"A Thousand Beautiful Things" by Tony Natsoulas

"Into Dreamtime" by Michael Potts

See the works in scale in

Verum's new virtual galleries:

"Cloistered" by Tom Acevedo


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