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Call for Art: FIERCE & FRAIL II: Of Beings, Beasts, and Seed

The Nightmare by Henri Fuseli (Detroit Institute of Art)

Verum Ultimum Gallery invites artists to once again explore the theme, “FIERCE and FRAIL: Of Beings, Beasts, and Seed,” & enter work that is any interpretation of the call. All mediums and modes of expression are encouraged (including, but not limited to: narrative, illustrative, conceptual, abstract and beyond). The theme may be interpreted in many ways, not necessarily meant to be a literal or didactic illumination. How does your work speak to this theme? Does your process reveal a subdued or bold manifestation? Does your work tell a story? Are you driven to explore and create unknown worlds to express your creativity and vision? Do you borrow from myth, fairy tales, legend, and cultural influences? Are you drawn to bestiaries, lands, strata, social commentary, and beyond? Whether you see the best expression of this theme as a depiction of a complex political narrative or conversely a simple abstract color field; the artists’ reaction to the call is what's interesting to me. Whatever drives your mode of expression, I invite artists to unleash their creative beast and divulge their talent within this expressive theme to explore the meaning of “FIERCE and FRAIL II: Of Beings, Beasts, and Seed.”

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