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 Richard Cutshall 

Artist Richard Cutshall is often referred to as, “an artists’ artist.”  His work commands respect and reflects his mastery of many mediums.  His studio is a maze of relics and materials.  Remnants of his obsessive studio practices hang in the air and he leaves a trail of charcoal dust in his wake.  In his studio he gravitates to drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture.   On any given day you might find him working on a large scale drawing that spans half his painting studio, or you might find him tinkering by a tiny light at his small print studio desk, or he might be laying down bones in his dusty patio sculpture area.

It seems Cutshall was born to make art, as if this urge to create links back to an elemental time and place.  Cutshall’s earliest memories are of drawing; using it as a way to understand the frightening aspects of the world around him. Today that use of art as a way of gaining understanding continues, he describes his work as “a kind of self-exorcism.”

He is constantly exhibiting work and his vast exhibition record includes over 50 group and solo shows, both nationally and internationally. Numerous private and public collections include his work.  He is currently represented by Metallo Gallery ( Madrid, New Mexico), Guardino Gallery (Portland, OR), Verum Ultimum Art Gallery (Portland, OR),  and by the Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery( Portland, Oregon).

He shares studios (3 Spirits Studio) with his wife (and artist), Jennifer Gillia Cutshall, their three cats, and their Great Dane in the hauntingly, inspired Northwestern region of the United States.

Cutshall explains his artwork in the following statement,

“Through my work I feel connected to a community of art makers; from ancient cultures to my contemporary counterparts. My compulsion to create pushes me across mediums and materials while challenging me to examine the boundaries set by my own aesthetic concerns.

Technically, it is important to me that the quick reflexive nature of my methods be evident in the work, both in its construction and appearance.

I invite viewers into the shadows that haunt my psyche and hope that the mythos created through my work makes a lasting connection.”

Cutshall, Richard-Patriarch.jpg
1. R.Cutshall_The Eternal Crown- mm on paper- 22 x 30-2011.JPG
Party of One- mm on paper-12x12- 2014-Richard Cutshalledited.jpg
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