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STRATA II: Manifesting through the Layers

Is Open!

Dreaming by Alec Macleod

This second edition of STRATA: Manifesting through the layers takes flight with so many twists and turns.

The visual and symbolic layers build upon meaning, texture, variety, and exploration with connective threads of the figure, elements of nature, home, comfort, identity, and psychic undercurrents within a maximalist tapestry reflecting our complex time.

Abattoir by Stephanie Kolpy

The figure is repeated within the striations of the narrative and appears as a disrupted or an obscured presence.

The surfaces and the chaotic interpretations serve as a mirror to the many convolutions of existance today.

There are 64 original works of art...waiting for your gaze!

Artists used a variety of media this year to interpret STRATA: Manifesting Through the Layers. In this exhibition works were created with: mixed media, graphite, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, oil, fiber, ceramic, pastel, printmaking, photography,digital art, collage,found objects, industrial mesh,silk, stone, bronze, gouache, ink, porcelain, sandstone, copper, sumie ink, beads, aluminum,encaustic, plaster, cyanotype, drypoint, yarn, thread, keys, buttons, paper,newspaper, cardboard, security envelope, cold wax, tissue paper, papier mache, found metal, wire, wax, cold wax, copper, curly maple, gold leaf, horse hair, elk ribs, and chocolate!

SEE works in scale by clicking below:


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