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Social- Distancing & the Sustenance of Art

The health and welfare of our community of artists and art fans is top priority, particulary with the recent COVID-19 outbreak. Verum Ultimum will incorporate practices that encourage a safe space for all. Adjustments to scheduling will optimize social distancing measures (for events) and disinfection of the space is a constant practice.

The current exhibition, "Electric Baloneyland & Other Ditch Dwellings, the epic masterpieces of Tom Huck" is still in place. I will schedule appointments for private viewing. For purchase inquiries please email at I will will waive shipping charges for any works in this show.

The gallery will be closed to the public to install the upcoming exhibition during the first half of April(this is the usual course of action).

The next exhibition, the 7th Annual Abstract Sanctuary (featuring 36 artists and over 36 works of art), will open in the spring, exact date to be determined.

During the open house visitors will flow through the space. I have often referred to the annual Abstract Sanctuary Exhibition as the most "zen-like" show, so the timing of this year's edition has never seemed more appropriate and more needed.

The unique reflective power found in art spaces (both formal and informal) has always been a source of comfort and inspiration for me.

And my hope is that Verum Ultimum will comfort and inspire you during these challenging times.

In the coming months, I invite you to the virtual gallery space (and the brick and mortar in a adjusted capacity) to embrace the depth of spirit that lives through art and artists.

with compassion from,




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