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INSIDE the ABSTRACT, post #13 Finding the moment

"I always try to find the moment where the painting says all that it needs to say." Geralyn Inokuchi

What attracted you to the 7th Annual Abstract call? I always think of abstraction as the only place I can be comfortable with my art so applying to Abstract Sanctuary was natural choice.

Does the idea of transformation influence your work and process? I think it does. As I work I am always thinking about what the painting wants to become and try to listen to what it is telling me. I see many different phases and consequently many possible paintings as the work progresses. I always try to find the moment where the painting says all that it needs to say. I feel it’s almost akin to watching a child grow into an adult. There is always a process of “becoming” except with my art I get to choose when I can freeze the transformation. And then too, I feel I am also transformed as I work on a painting. The possibilities that arise help to inspire me to try new approaches for new paintings.

Do you work in other modes of expression? I used to play the violin. I had to give it up because a few years ago, when I got my dog Willow, she decided the violin was not for her! I couldn’t bare her complaining when I played! I miss it though!

Who inspires you? Krista Harris, Hyunmee Lee, Joseph Maruska, Joan Mitchell.

What do you hope your work achieves? A sense of life on the Oregon coast and how it reflects my inner joys and struggles. There is such a range of experiences here. A peaceful calmness exists on one level but also there is a constant sense of action and turmoil. For example there is a sense of peace listening to the constant motion of the oceans waves, but on the other hand those of us who live here really understand the power of the ocean. I think my work explores that peacefulness and powerful motion.

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