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Creating Space & Creative Spaces: this 9th Annual Abstract Sanctuary

And we meet again! This time to celebrate the energy, the creativity, and the beauty created by the 53 artists selected for this ninth edition of Verum Ultimum's inaugural show. The theme and phrase "Abstract Sanctuary" evokes a vision of space. Space to imagine, space to feel, space to be inspired, and in that way signifies the power and perpetual drive that is art as revelation.

I often describe Verum's Abstract Sanctuary as the more Zen-like of all of Verum's abstract offerings. It is the quieter show with muted tones and more subtle variations. This year was no exception, however there are a few wild cards in the mix! These works pepper the exhibit with a carnival of color (and dynamic expression) while trading beats with the more customary meditative melody.

This collection of works creates visual poetry and the tune of their titles add another dimension.

You may preview all 53 works by clicking the rectangle below.

And after the preview, please visit Verum's newest creative viewing spaces in Verum Virtual.

There are 2 galleries to explore (to see the works in scale).

Please click the boxes below to go directly to the Virtual galleries.

And keep in mind that loading time is quick, but not instant!

May the light that radiates from these works, lift your spirit!

Thank you for being here!


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