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ARTIST-A-DAY-BLOG: Inside A Generous Kingdom V

Hands & Heart in rhythm with impulse & process with the artist, Ruth Ross

"Let the work wash over you..." Ruth Ross

"I can say unequivocally that all my work “tells a story.” It is a story formed by personal symbols interacting with my artistic judgement: “a call and response.” The piece I am working on tells me what it needs and I try to interpret it based on what I “hear.” When the work and I are in accord, my psyche and heart are in flight."

Ruth Ross

My Sprained Hand by Ruth Ross (part of A Generous Kingdom V at Verum Ultimum)

"I chose textile because it is soft and responsive; I can work completely on impulse as I don’t sketch first. I can also print, transfer, and paint to it as it requires; I recently began incorporating a photographic process called cyanotype, a camera-less photography applied directly to the fabric via UV light and chemical.


Let the work wash over you. Do not approach it with any pre-judgement. You will be surprised by what you can absorb."

Ruth Ross


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