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Looking Into the Crystal Ball (2020 HALF Exposed)

When I look ahead at the upcoming year I fear I may be asleep because it's a year of my wildest dreams. My hope is... that in broadcasting the intention I seal this promise to rest assured that the clock will not strike midnight (and my dream ponies won't turn to rats)!

Review the outlook below and we will dream together until we make it true or the alarm sounds...

2020 Half Exposed

(A view of the first 6 months)

  • JANUARY 2020

A Generous Kingdom IV: Art that explores symbolism, story, & beyond

Opening Reception

January 11th from 6-8


Opening Reception February 29th 6-8 ELECTRIC BALONEYLAND & other ditch Dwellings

Tom Huck!

  • April 2020

7th Annual Abstract Sanctuary

  • May 2020 (private events-workshops)

  • June 2020

Fierce & Frail of Beings, Beasts & Seed III

  • July/August 2020

7th Annual Living Mark

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