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Call for Art: 6th Annual Abstract Sanctuary

ABSTRACT SANCTUARY was the inaugural exhibition and each year it serves as a marker for Gillia Gallery (which is Verum Ultimum Art Gallery). It reminds me of progress, of consistency, and of the deep well of inspiration from artists.

I hope you will consider applying to this ever evolving show....

Verum Ultimum Gallery is honored to invite artists to explore, "Abstract Sanctuary" for their 6th annual exhibit of this theme and enter work that is any interpretation of the call. They don't seek to drive the work, they only hope to discover your unique vision and showcase it. All mediums are welcome. This call emphasizes the process with a focus on the individual style of the art maker. Abstraction is a vital vehicle of expression for many contemporary artists and the use of abstraction dates back to the beginning of man. It is one of the most elemental forms of expression for artists. Verum Ultimum Gallery invites artists to showcase their talent within this expressive genre.

DEADLINE December 31, 2018

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