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Jennifer Gillia Cutshall 

"I am drawn to the struggle that image making presents and I always return to that process. As I paint, I sometimes weave bits of memories and/or mementos (from past paintings, sketches, pages from old magazines, and of letters) throughout the painting. The work then holds a sense of story - each piece revealing a part of my life, my unconscious, or my dreams. The resulting image may emerge as an abstraction or a dream-like scape. My current working process relies on references from the subconscious and dream states. I see dreams and the unconscious as the farm that can feed my work.  

These elements of my work may at times be recognizable or conversely, may be mostly obscured. My primary concern when I work is to create a successful image and while impulses just below the surface may drive some of the imagery, they are not my ultimate goal. I paint first, adding pieces until I see the sum of the parts pull together and I say…it’s whole, it’s done. I gain momentum by changing the surface and moving across the plane until I find an image that works. This brings momentary relief…. until the next problem."


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