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Whisper! A New Verum Ultimum Exhibition & New Gallery address revealed

Lean in closer because I have something to share with you and I want to whisper in your ear.

Excavation of the Interior by Debra Disman

There are whispers everywhere, they arrive in our dreams, at a bus stop, museums, and beyond. Original works of art carry whispers. The whispers from the artists mingle with the viewers subconscious, and a connection is made!

The upcoming Whisper! Exhibition opens at the new Verum Ultimum Gallery space

(and address will be revealed below).

There are 38 artists and 38 unique, original works of art in this inaugural exhibition in the new space!

Exhibition Statement

Whisper!: when the murmur from art echoes beyond the walls and settles somewhere secret. And "Whisper" with an exclamation may signal contradictions or dualities. The term carries symbolism pertinent to the momentous occasion of Verum Ultimum's new gallery space, but it also carries the mystery that is filled in by the 38 selected artists. They define Verum's first iteration of the theme "whisper" and they propel the idea of the power in quiet works. They also extend it far beyond soft neutrals and lean into a realm of rumination. The hot notes of red and the cool blues within the neutral groupings, strike dramatic chords and echo the revelation of a secret.

Listen to the Whispers of the True Self by Beth Kerschen

The idea of the "whisper" may be inextricably attached to the importance of the unknown or the hidden. A degree of reverence may be ingrained in our collective psyche around all things art. For me, perhaps it began when I first entered museum spaces as a young girl (in NYC), I remember adults turning to children with their pointer fingers glued to pursed lips. They were signaling that hushed tones (and respect) were the order. And anticipation is in order, like the closed curtains and the dimming of lights in the theater, the collective whisper commands our attention toward these 38 provocative works. They whisper far beyond the bounds of literal elucidations.

The works included in this blogpost are a sampling, please click the preview button below to preview all 38 works:

And last but not least, you are invited to the Opening Reception for WHISPER!, please save the date:



JUNE 29th

with a reception

from 5-7

Pre set up photos of space...and your invite!

Yes, yes, yes I do!

Thanks for your patience; the new Verum Ultimum Art Gallery address is:

Verum Ultimum

1513 SE 42nd

Portland, OR 97215



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