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INSIDE the ABSTRACT, post #6: Of burnt & gathered remains, growth, and the light that peeks through

The ethereal work of 7th Annual Abstract Sanctuary artist, Caitria Gunter

Does the idea of transformation influence your work and process?  

Definitely. I am drawn to the trans-formative processes in nature such as growth and decay. In my work, I seek to transform common materials such as fabric, wax, and wire using repetitive and often meditative processes. 

Tell us a little about your process (I don’t believe in giving it all away).  

For my burned paper artworks, I use a soldering iron to meticulously burn small fragments of paper away, creating a delicate, lacelike surface. The resulting pattern reminds me of a topographical map, abstract patterns found in nature, or microscopic cellular views.

Do you work in other modes of expression?

Yes, in fact my background is in mixed media and fiber arts. I create sculptural and 2D work with fabric, beeswax, steel wire, hair, and found natural objects. I’ve also begun creating porous biomorphic forms with clay in the last year or so and really enjoy it.

Who inspires you?

Artists I am inspired by include Santiago Ramón y Cajal, Andy Goldsworthy, Beili Liu, Agnes Martin, and Mi-Kyoung Lee.

What do you do to get inspired?

I like to go hiking and look for abstract patterns created by growing lichens, shifting shadows, pine needles scattered across the mossy forest floor, wispy clouds floating across the sky, sunlight glittering on water, holes in leaves. Wherever I go, I usually collect small natural objects to bring back to my studio. At home, I look online at pictures of everything from microscopic cellular patterns to weaver bird nests.

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