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Experience LIMINAL

"And let art be the bridge..."

oil on canvas by Nancy Raen-Mendez
"Hers" by Nancy Raen-Mendez

Welcome to Verum Ultimum's LIMINAL Exhibition. There are 63 artists and 64 works of art in this online happening.

grab your coffee or beverage of choice and dive in...

Art can be the bridge; its spans across divides, & is the shortest distance between opposing forces.  This collection of 64 works will transport you. It arrives as a pivotal & timely exhibit. It can define the transitional, the unknown, the dream state, the waiting, the recovery, and the journey state of being. This exhibition is the ideal manifestation to describe our current state of transition.

Visit the following links to experience LIMINAL:

Click here for the LIMINAL online exhibition



You have arrived...

As you move virtually through this collection a sensation of landing in the middle of something pivotal will propel you.(click above links)

If you have ever peered through the window of a fast moving train you probably have taken in the blurring of lines, the fragmented scenes of light and movement in the waiting game between the here and the there.

Verum Ultimum invites you to take pause, to submerge in the coolest notes of blue, move toward the flames of warmth, and the glowing glints of gold. And let the elegant neutrals mark time within a percolating narrative and a full spectrum palette.

An immersive experience that trades places with stillness & a cacophony of explosive color. This debut of the Liminal exhibition marks our moment of transition with piercing truth to distinguish the gallery's namesake.

Arrival by Steve Bennett



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