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INSIDE the ABSTRACT, post #17 Like a moth to a flame or a happy accident...

"I love that balance of opposites." Becky Arman

What draws you to the medium you chose?

Resin work is very messy and chaotic, but the end result looks so polished and refined. I love that balance of opposites.

What are the strengths of the medium?  What are the challenges? I think the main strength to resin work is that it has so many applications. You can use it as a finishing step over other mediums, you can use it as the medium itself, you can add just about anything into it for different effects, and you get to use a torch.

The main challenge that resin presents is that no matter how clean you think your work space is, you’ll always find a bit of dust, a strand of hair, a random leaf, or even an occasional bug stuck to your project. Sometimes it creates a “happy accident,’ other times it can create an unfixable problem.

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