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Immerse in the 11th hour:

This 11th Annual Abstract Sanctuary...

We might be drawn to the non-representational nature of abstract art as a vehicle for our imaginings...

Möbius I by Douglas Deveny

And I refer to the 11th hour because there is a fluidity and a possibility for shifting perspectives and insights within abstract works. And an infinite possible interpretations. The works in this 11th Annual Abstract Sanctuary are expansive territories that move in step with earthly elements.

El Tejido del Tiempo (The Fabric of Time) by by Ron Mills-Pinyas

Echoing weather patterns (with cool rain blues, firestorms of heat, and grey cloud cover neutrals). They feel familiar, but also refreshingly new at the same time.   

Renée Szostek Mary Neubauer Mary Jo Mann

Infinity by Ellen Zimmerman

This year's edition celebrates an international group of 54 artists and 54 unique original works of art. Artists hail from the United States, Canada, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, and Shanghai China. 

Gregory Kessler Margaret E. Murray Walter Jakubowski

The deep well of vision matches the variety of media with vast oceans of expression from oil paint,  wood, resin, camera-less photography, ink, digital art, and beyond...enjoy!

Debbie Tracey Reade Weber Patricia Waldygo

Auras by Leanne Trivett S.

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