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ARTIST-A-DAY BLOG: Inside A Generous Kingdom V & the Emotional Impact of artist Joe Le Grand's work

"Be kind and pass it forward..."

Joe LeGrand

How does your work interact with the theme of “A Generous Kingdom V: Art that Explores Story, Symbolism, and Beyond”?

The piece that was invited to this show is called “Secrets”. The image is of a man’s contemporary portrait with the suggestion of the man being silenced. The image is not suggestive as much as, being directly implied.

Does the idea of transformation influence your work and process?

My work consists of moments in time, transformed to tell a more lengthy story. The moments are captured through my camera lens, then though the use of editing apps, are transformed into the bigger picture.

What draws you to the medium you chose? And tell us a little about your process.

I’m drawn to Mobile Art as it allows me to take my studio to the streets where life is abundant. The iPad is my canvas.

What are the strengths of the medium? What are the challenges?

Creative expression through the use of Mobile Art comes with endless possibilities. Unlike traditional mediums, one big challenge in Mobile Art is learning the tools to transform the idea into a visual form. The editing apps are inexpensive, but powerful.

Who inspires you? And What do you do to get inspired?

My main source of inspiration comes from other leading artists with in the arena. Each one brings a new visual thought. James Ellis creates in the iColorama app portraits that are moving and tells explicit stories. Bonobo Stone is one the most creative voices I’ve seen. Marco Prado always stretches the boundaries of visual creativity. I’m a religious follower of Joanne Carter, curator and producer of @theappwhisper found on Instagram. Her weekly showcase is full of artists work from around the world, always introduced with her creative writings based on the theme of the week’s curation. She always matches the video curation with a sound track fitting the mood. It always makes for a beautiful Sunday Morning moment.

What recently made you smile?

November 3, 2020

What recently made you cry?

January 6, 2021

If you could tell your viewers one thing, what would you tell them?

Be kind and pass it forward...



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