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ARTIST-A-DAY BLOG: Inside A Generous Kingdom V

Seeing broods of birds & the Brooding Mountain with artist Jennie Duke

"...It is part of a 2 year exploration of the form of birds."

Jennie Duke

In my paintings I don't often think about symbolism, I am more concerned with shape and color. However I make a personal exception when it comes to the mountain I have painted over and over again: Storm King, which for me transcends mere landscape and shape in a brooding, hulking way.

I chose to paint it in Acrylic paint on paper for the opacity and permanence of the paint versus the fragility and permeability of the paper. It is, for me, spontaneous, demanding and immediate. It is part of a 2 year exploration of the form of birds. I have been influenced by wildly disparate entities. In "Storm King" I see my love of Japanese Kimono fabric motifs and also European Fairytale illustrations.



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