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A Second LOOK at the 8th Annual Abstract Sanctuary: OPEN NOW

Abstract works possess a mystery that has an enigmatic pull (on the viewer) and this current show is no exception... It is simply bewitching to gallery visitors.

My Baby Has Your Eyes by Aodan Aodan is simply bewitching to gallery visitors. is simply bewitching to me. is simply bewitching to gallery visitors.

The 8th Annual Abstract Sanctuary opened on February 22nd without the pre-COVID fanfare of an opening reception, but nothing could rob from the thunderous roar of this beautiful art event in Portland.

Gentle Soul by Kellie Kawahara-Niimi

There are 2 walk in days per week (no appointment needed on Mondays and Wednesdays).

And appointments are available for the other days of the week (and are easy to book online).

The show runs through the end of March.

Relic by Tony Furtado

Unable to visit?

Follow along through social media posts and updates...

Also get in touch with me any time

through CHAT or at or 347-752-8915

"And suddenly it all made sense...with beauty to behold and chances to escape the ills of the world.

This exhibition unfolds like a day with the rise of a warm light, the textures of a melody spanning time and space, and the deep rich shades that are the ocean of nightfall. A visual poem in rhythm with longing and hope. Please enjoy these moments of sanctuary and bring them with you..."

Jennifer Gillia Cutshall



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