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The Biggest Chiaroscuro Woodcut Ever

There are many beautiful forest trails in the Pacific Northwest, but there's only one path the art lover should take until March 18th. And that's to walk among the Goliath woodcut forest built by artist, Tom Hück at Verum Ultimum Art Gallery in Northeast Portland.

Electric Baloneyland is the largest chiaroscuro woodcut ever created.

And is currently on view at Verum Ultimum

at 3014 NE Ainsworth in Portland, Oregon.

(Photo above was taken at Emily Davis in Akron, Ohio).

Electric Baloneyland and Other Ditch Dwellings commands the space at Verum Ultimum Art Gallery.

Gallery is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 11-4 and additionally by appointment.

Contact Jennifer at

or 347-752-8915



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