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LIMINAL Repoussé Part 2: The shaping of a pivotal & timely exhibit

Between the artist and their work...


Artists respond to the theme, LIMINAL...

"The artwork ‘Ascending’ explores the space between waking and dreaming, conscious and unconscious. Inspired by a powerful dream I had back in 2002, in which I was a luminous white spider hanging from the silk thread of my body in vast dark space. The dream left me with this sense of deep inner peace and connection to life in all it’s manifestations. I continue to create from this dream."

Michele Benzamin-Miki

“I feel my work is complete when I get to the place where it becomes an open, transparent, breathing space, when it can hold some light, and when it almost disappears." Diane Gilbert

"On Between here and there Recently with the loss of a loved one and the discovery that the man I grew up with is not my biological father I found myself in a state of inbetweeness, unsure of who I was looking at in the mirror and where I stand."

Jahaira Ríos Campos y Gálvez

"The liminal happens in the way I explore forming and separations in my artwork. Conceptually, it intrigues me the most." Nancy Raen-Mendez

"My image depicts a murder of crows that are neither here nor there, light and dark, present in both a negative and positive state. My conceptual image truly reflects the dictionary meaning of Liminal as in a transitional stage. What good fortune! My crow series allows me to represent crows as existential creatures that possess magical, transcendental, other worldly dimensions reflected in superstitions, folklore, and history." Lawrence Manning

"As soon as I saw the word Liminal and the description in the call for the show I thought the AR component and meaning of my latest body of work would fit well. It is the in between. Something searched for and discovered with effort. In these works I attempt to show the sub-dermal, to give a bit of insight into the experiences of people that contend with anxiety, and hopefully share with others what I am discovering to increase empathy and understanding." Bryan Alexis

"I am always in a state of relationship to a transitional process in my life and Art making. I Create every day. I start with compassionate observation. I always have a camera with me. For me, Great Things Happen Where Arts Merge. I use Paint, Cameras and Digital Technologies. I aim for reciprocity between myself and my media. I love to be surprised in the act of Creation. My Artwork shown in this exhibition is a result of this process. And it is a process always in transition both for the Creator and the Viewer’s response to my Art." Hank Keneally

"Liminal reflects the state of in between being and otherness that I attempt to balance in my work." John Sproul

"When we struggle to adapt to our circumstances, true growth occurs. To me liminal represents a moment for potential change." Taylor Cox

"To weather, to age, is to exist on a limen, a threshold that is framed with, and is held in place by, vast amounts of time in which what was and what will be can be discerned by as little as a spot of paint ever so slowly turning color, cracking and curling in the relentless, ever recurring heat of the sun."

Richard Howell

"Coastal Infestation"

Amy Gilles

It is the Liminality of the blank sheet of paper that both challenges and inspires me. A universe of possibilities awaits that first mark.Bob Conge

"When composing my pieces whether it be cyanotype or lumens, I carefully consider space. Space may be an illusion of each element floating through space, or the spatial arrangement being the negative space between elements.

The distance ‘between’ has been important lately, with regards to social distancing, but it has always been a careful consideration for me as an artist."

Becky Brinkley



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