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58 Artists & 58 unique works of art redefine this third iteration of this compelling Verum theme!

Insomnia by Chris Duke

Verum Ultimum has experienced many iterations and continues to pivot and breathe life into the spaces in between. And Verum's existence thrives in the state of fluxus. This perpetual state of transition and being perched on the precipice of  what's next (looking ahead to the next exhibition, new spaces, and new themes). And back to the "inbetween" space with the 3rd iteration of LIMINAL.  The first Liminal exhibition debuted in 2021 and it's perfect timing to revisit this metaphorical exploration!

Of Two Minds by Leona Gamble

This 3rd LIMINAL Exhibition hugs the periphery of the dream spaces with literal and symbolic motifs around growth through dormancy, movement, and fluidity (with the conduits of water and nature as a constant).  A virtual expedition through the psyche of 58 artists with portals, pathways, trails, roads, rivers, and more! The impact of this visual narrative is hypnotic. You are invited along to discover how these artists have interpreted the spaces between and how their work echoes parts of the past and the future (like dreams themselves).

Socked In-1 by Parrish Dobson

Liminal III showcases a deep variety of media and expression with abstract, realistic, illustrative, and surrealistic interpretations of the theme.  There's something for everyone within the vast array of media used, including: oil, acrylic, printmaking, cyanotype, photography, digital art, glass, etching, lithography, watercolor, agate, glycerin, cold wax, marble dust, dry pigments, fiber, textiles, charcoal, rice paper, linocut, pen and ink, colored pencil, Relief print, chine collé, airbrush acrylic, encaustic, graphite, monotype printmaking, Tricolor gum over kallitype, Silver Gelatin Print, Drawing on film, on black velvet, spray paint, and Sumi-e ink on paper!

This blogpost only contains a sampling of the works featured in Liminal III, so please click the links below in the green boxes to fully experience Liminal III

(Click Verum Virtual to see works in scale):


Charles Anselmo, Brian Arte, Robert Bergstrom,Judith Blank,David Blow, Cathy Breslaw, Becky Brinkley,Payton Brown, Rupert Chambers,Celeste Croteaux,Teela DeLeon, Michele Dickson,Parrish Dobson,Chris Duke,Becky Eddy,

Shawn Edrington, Viktoria Ford,Leona Gamble, Mark Goodmanson, Christina Hall-Strauss, Tracie Heller, Niki Helley Ward, Rachel Hissong, Gerard Huber,

Heather Jacks, Hunter Johnson,Betsy Kellas,Lindsey Kincaid,Adele Knowler,

Richard Kohler, Mary-Ellen Latino, James McDonald, David Miller,Bob Moskowitz, Marjorie Moskowitz, Barbara Murak, Nancy Natow-Cassidy, Eavan O'Neil,

Kristi Palmer, Gulliver Perry, Susan Poirier, R. Lee Post, Ashley Quast,

James Richards, Bill Saltzstein, Alex Selkowitz, Parker Seward, Andrea Shearing, Judi Silvano, Barbara Simcoe, Jenn Spirgen, Louis Staeble, Jared T Stanley,

Fatima Taylor, Susanne Tierney, Z.H. Wallace, Dayna Wood, Erin Zerbe  

Curated by Jennifer Gillia Cutshall



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