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INSIDE the ABSTRACT, post #19

"Who doesn’t like playing with a little fire?" T Barny

Does the idea of transformation influence your work and process? My sculpture is a transformative process. I take a rough block or boulder of stone and transform it (through carving, chisel, saw and polish) into an abstract curvilinear sculpture.

Tell us a little about your process (I don’t believe in giving it all away).   I carve stone I’ve procured from all over the world. When I have a finished sculpture, I realize that some would be beautiful as a bronze sculpture. Windan is one such piece. Originally carved in Alabaster, it was in part an exercise to see how thin I could carve this stone. I liked it so much, I had a mold made and cast a bronze limited edition.

If you could tell your viewers one thing, what would you tell them? My sculptures are meant to be touched and turned. Even my 10 foot tall bronze sculpture called ‘Circo X’.

Hit the chat button for purchase inquiries or email or text or call 347-752-8915 and thank you for your faithful gaze.



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