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INSIDE the ABSTRACT, post #12 Of Nature, Order, & an Evolving Viewpoint: the work of Sarah Peterman

"Interaction with nature completes the work." SP

What attracted you to the 7th Annual Abstract call? Raw wool, or fleece sheered from sheep, is a material that has attracted me since childhood,as I watched my mother spin and weave. I enjoy the feel, colors and smell, and the natural lanolin soothes my dry skin. When first collected for this project, the fleece was handed to me, warm and steamy. The sheep farmers wanted me to make good use of the colored wool, which is often composted, unlike the prized white wool. I was taken with the idea of composting and the piece took the form of a compost bin.Found materials, manipulated by both humans and the environment, are key to my work. Here I contrast the industrial and the domestic, containment and resistance. I always resist the definition of the throw-away. This sculpture is intended to be outdoors; the wool could be replenished or just left to decompose. Interaction with nature completes the work. Does the idea of transformation influence your work and process? I have my collection of materials all around my workshop. This library gets sorted, edited and rearranged. As I change the context of these objects my perception also changes and directs my inspiration. What draws you to the medium you chose?

My material choices are intuitive. When I am attracted to a object or material it can be for its color, texture, function, history or how I think it will age in the future. Found materials manipulated by both humans and the environment are key to my work. Tell us a little about your process. I construct sculptures from these materials and use whatever processes are needed to complete my idea. I weld and form steel. I have trained in woodworking, clay and foundry work. I’ve been able to establish a roomy and well-equipped studio space. If you could tell your viewers one thing what would you tell them? Sculpture and installation are a means for me to examine the world and share thoughts that are very difficult for me to express in any other way. I collect the components of my work from where I’m located, physically and mentally, and from the people and the things with which I interact. In this way, my work is a communication of my particular time, place, and evolving viewpoint. Hit the chat button for purchase inquiries or email or text or call 347-752-8915



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