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Call for ART: 11th Annual Living Mark

To Mark Verum's new Gallery Space in SE Portland!

11th Annual Living Mark Exhibition

Verum Ultimum Gallery is thrilled to invite artists to explore, "The Living Mark" for the 11th year in a row & for its first appearance at Verum's new Southeast Portland location. Artists are encouraged to enter work that is any interpretation of the call. The intention of the call is not to drive the work, but to spark an impetus, and discover unique visions to showcase.

ALL MEDIUMS are welcome. Mark making is an integral part of the creative process & evidence of the artist’ hand is always provocative. 

Successful works seem to be enlivened by these marks (whether abstract or representational).   This call emphasizes the process with a focus on the individual style of the art maker (whether impassioned, studied, or subdued). 

What kind of marks and/or mediums do you use to lead to great results?  Or perhaps you see the theme as a chance to express art as a metaphor for (or reflection of) life itself & its relationship to this driving force?

What is your personal interpretation of this metaphoric or symbolic vehicle, “The Living Mark”?


July 13, 2024



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