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A Generous Kingdom & the Annual Living Mark Synergy: In Memory of Karen Lee

An exhibition dedicated to a visionary force

Soaring by Karen Lee

This year's edition of A Generous Kingdom and A Living Mark meld to form a solo exhibit dedicated to artist, Karen Lee. It features a fraction of her beautiful work. Karen Lee had a lifelong love for art and for helping others. She was the personification of the word generous. She could change the temperature of a day through her artwork and her personality; charging any space with an enigmatic, positive force! She helped hundreds of people through her dedication as a a founding member of the Geriatric Social Work Education Consortium, as a Professor, and as a therapist. Her legacy lives on through her art and her impact on so many lives. I look at Karen's work often to feel her presence and I cast her beautiful visions forward for the Verum Ultimum community to feel.

Karen Lee, you are cherished, always. Thank you for creating a generous kingdom and leaving a living mark on all of us.



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