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Characteristics of a student in practice at school

During the period of study, students undergo various types of pedagogical practice: extracurricular, practice of trial lessons, pre-diploma and others. Each of them has its own function and the need to provide reports and feedback. In this article, write my paper will tell you how to correctly issue a review of a student's internship at school. Required data when writing a review Basic data:

  • surname, name, patronymic of the intern;

  • name of the institution;

  • duration of practice;

  • surname, name and patronymic of the head of the practice;

  • class/classes;

  • the number of students;

  • activities carried out by the trainee;

  • the documentation that the trainee got acquainted with during the internship;

  • general impressions from the practice;

  • the skills and abilities that the student has demonstrated;

  • assessment of the student's practice (on a five-point scale);

  • the document must be certified by two signatures - the head of the practice and the director of the institution, as well as a seal.

Practice Report - Sample Practice Report Training practice is the first type of practice that students of initial courses face. Its essence is to prepare students for practical tasks and consolidate the first theoretical knowledge. As a rule, educational practice takes place in groups and is an excursion to the enterprise. At the end of the internship, you must write an individual report. How to do it right, read on from the service writers. How to write a study practice report The first step in preparing a practice report is to collect information about the organization: the full name, structure, features of the work of departments, duties of employees, etc. After that, you can start writing and designing. The structure of the study practice report The study practice report consists of standard parts: title page, introduction, practice task, practice schedule, descriptive part, conclusion, review, bibliography and appendices. Each section is important and should be carefully considered. The teaching aids that are issued at the department always include a detailed structure of the report, therefore, in order to avoid errors, it is worth familiarizing yourself with all the standards that are attached to the course. Let's consider each section with help of in more detail. Title page The "header" of the title page contains standard information: the name of the educational institution, faculty and specialty. In the center of the page, the INTERNSHIP REPORT is written in capital letters and the place of the internship is indicated. Below on the right - the group and the name of the student, on the next line - the name and position of the leader. At the very bottom, centered, is the city and year of the work.

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