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A list of beliefs that keep people from making videos. 1. Where should I shoot video? My house is such a mess! It's not like I can show it on the internet!!! 2. I've never held a camera in my hands or used transcription online I don't think I can do a quality video to text conversion. 3. I've never been able to stand in front of a camera. I'll get a horror video, not a video! 4. I can't shoot a video because today (always) I'm ugly (ugly)! 5. And in general I'm very busy, I don't have time for any videos... 6. No, I can't talk into the camera. I have a terrible voice! 7. Well, okay, I'll take your video, but what do I talk about? 8. And if I upload it to I'll have to transcribe it somehow, because very often commercial videos translated into text show the best promotion results. If I don't promote the video, no one will watch it... 9. You can't just shoot a video and then post it! You have to add titles and music, and I can't do that! 10. I'll post the video on YouTube, but no one will like it, and they'll just write bad comments? 11. I make one video, and that's it. And now I want to destroy one of the most popular myths. "How am I going to shoot a video when I'm so ugly (not pretty), I have a bad voice, and my room is a mess and I'm shy." As an example, I want to give a simple guy - . He's made a lot of his own video courses, which are nothing special but the value of the information. He makes great videos that further convert his voice to text format thanks to while being a regular guy like you or me. Still, with each new course he makes hundreds of thousands . I myself enjoy learning from him (in this course he teaches how to create ads for contextual advertising). This course is really useful and valuable. He has a good video course because he gives valuable information! Here's a shot from the video greeting in which he talks about his course. The course is called Traffic. And it's designed for those who want to make instant sales by masterfully using contextual advertising on Direct. View Ilya's courses . By printing this page I want to show you that there are successful people who originally had as much opportunity as you (or even less). Don't get hung up on any little things. Just make a video and that's it! Originally we are all equal. Just some of us make videos and earn money on it, and some of us don't. RELATED RESOURCES: Difference between Automated transcription and Manual transcription

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