Original Mixed Media Drawing and Painting by R.Cutshall
Created on Archival Stonhenge Drawing paper
22 x 30"

The colors are as rich and layered as the subject matter...
like a melody that lays a velvet path for viewers to dance upon.

Bring this work into any space and watch it shimmer with the changing light of days and of seasons.

The eternal crown symbolizes that we are all the kings of our destiny. Our destinies overlap (whether we are a pauper or a king), we all reach the same inevitable conclusion. In that sense we are all born to the majesty of our own death. And the course our lives collectively feed into the same stream. This is not to say… it is all worthless, but quite the opposite… it is all worth everything."

Aztec mythology imparted that the life we shared was between two realms, death and flowers. We must always be conscious of the tenuous balance between the two.

This artwork ships flat, unframed with protective covering. It is is created with archival materials on archival acid-free paper and sprayed with a U.V. protective coating.

This is an original artwork signed by the artist.


Original art brut Drawing by artist Richard Cutshall-"Eternal Crown"