50 Artists Grace the walls of Verum Ultimum with sentiment and meaning that couldn't be more apropos.

In this the third year of A Generous Kingdom…as I cupped the shell to my ear... I heard a resounding chorus sing out, things are not what they seem...look closely!
The inner and outer ‘scapes’ of this exhibition created an idea of home layered with debris and influence far beyond the veneer that we set on top. Home is portrayed in its broadest and most intimate connotations here (home as country, home as place, home as self). The installation “Clobbered” (Diane KW and Suzanne Wolfe) betrays the serenity of home as you examine the details within the delicate porcelain dinnerware and tea service. This installation serves as the dinner bell to alert the viewer to examine all works with proper intimacy (by 50 artists).
I am a fan of so many approaches, techniques, and outcomes it's impossible to boil down to one specific flavor; but I am immensely attracted to the unseen portions of a work of art....the parts that make me tilt my head and stop me dead in my tracks (this can be in medium, content, symbolism, approach, materials, and beyond). In a profound way, it is the collective narrative that speaks to me most. It reveals something. And as these 50 distinct works interact, a relationship emerges, and in this togetherness…there is strength.   Welcome home!”

Jennifer Gillia Cutshall

A Generous Kingdom III Exhibition Book